Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship is like having your own database administrator.

Application Support

One call for service, whether its “how-to” or “can-we”. Many types of changes like field label names, mouse-over help text, and getting your first User View set up are free of charge. Adding columns and new tables have change fees less than $10.

Data Maintenance

Besides regular backups, hot fail-over, and disaster recovery, we also help you remove duplicates, identify garbage data, and clean it up. This is a billable activity, but we know your business processes and so support you like a regular member of your team.

Functional Review

If you are concerned with costs, we will work with you to remove unused columns and discuss alternative workflow strategies. We stay familiar with your business processes because Transaction Editor is self-documenting and business logic is contained within it.

Data Archiving

Data becomes less useful over time. We remove older data periodically to keep your application running smoothly. Some customers move data to Archive tables so they always have access to the oldest data, while maximizing performance when working with the most current transactions.