Transaction Editor (TEd)tm Service

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Event Attendance

An event organizer has teamed with Konduit to provide a system that tracks the activities of event attendees. Demographics are captured during attendee registration by offering a questionnaire. Attendee event badges are affixed with an RFID tag associated with the attendee's registration. Exhibitors log into a Konduit Web Portal to view real time statistics on event attendance and product trial areas. RFID guarantees usage and at a lower cost than popular Bluetooth LE solutions using attendee cell phones.

The Exhibitor Portal also allows the Exhibitors to manage a list of product demos they plan to bring to each event. Back office users then use Transaction Editor to associate an RFID tag with each product that will be used to pair attendee's RFIDs with product trials. This adds significant value to the attendee registration data for follow up after the show. The system utilizes 7 Tables, 76 Columns, 2 Triggers, 14 Job Steps, and 10 Sproc Reports.