Transaction Editor (TEd)tm Service

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Shipment Reconciliation

Konduit's Transaction Editor (TEd) Service has been used by a farm cooperative since 2006 to schedule and reconcile deliveries by over sixty shippers to a few large processing plants. During harvest season from September through July each year, shippers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, averaging 1250 shipments per month with a peak of over 5000 shipments in November. The system's primary Table manages over 120,000 Rows of current and historical data.

Member shippers log into a custom Konduit dashboard, select from a displayed list of pre-assigned shipment numbers, update the Shipments record with weight and temperature readings, and print a bar-coded Bill of Lading. The processing plants then produce a file from their internal systems which they provide to the cooperative for import into the Konduit system.

The cooperative then uses Konduit's Transaction Editor to process the transactions, compare member and non-member shipper's information with processing receiver's information, reconcile differences, and settle commodity contracts. Their system is quite complex utilizing 16 Tables, 321 Columns, 3 Triggers, 2 Job Steps, and 36 Sproc Reports.