Transaction Editor (TEd)tm Service

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Project Estimating

A specialty construction company has been using Konduit's Transaction Editor Service since 2006 to bid on new projects and issue work orders for won contracts. As a specialty construction sub-contractor, this company uses Transaction Editor to replicate a bid once created to ten or more general contractors bidding on State and private contracts. The bid process includes a complex pricing scheme with overrides that greatly improves estimator efficiency. The system's primary Table manages over 118,000 Rows of current and historical data.

After a contract is won, the winning bid changes into a project by setting a status code as part of the work flow. Project details are fulfilled over a period of several weeks as work crews are assigned daily tasks from the original bid's detail records. Work orders are printed daily for multiple work crews to take onto the project job site. Assigned crew supervisors record the day's progress on the work orders for return to the office. Project extras are added as change orders get processed during the course of the job. This system consists of 9 Tables, 97 Columns, 3 Triggers, 4 Job Steps, and 4 Sproc Reports.