Transaction Editor (TEd)tm Service

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Appointment Scheduling

A specialty entertainment broker has been using Konduit's Transaction Editor Service since 2014 to book performances (Appointments) at Venues where they have an ongoing relationship. The broker provides Performers with logins so they can commit to specific Performances on a weekly basis. Performance Schedule records are automatically generated based on the recurring weekly timeframes configured for each Venue. This allows the Performers to self-serve the appointment-setting process.

Automatic email confirmations are sent to Venues after each Appointment to ensure Venue satisfaction and provide an opportunity for Venues to dispute charges before they are Invoiced. Invoices are generated from the system as a PDF and attached to an email sent by the broker's action on a Venue record. The system consists of 10 Tables, 136 Columns, 3 Triggers, 13 Job Steps, and 21 Sproc Reports.