Transaction Editor (TEd)tm Service

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A Beach Property rental facilitator uses Konduit's Transaction Editor to search records scraped from several property management websites. A third party scrapes the data from the websites and sends five files to Konduit's servers over an SSL-secured FTP connection twice per day. These files are then automatically loaded. Users can augment the data for rating properties.

The Leads table is populated by a form presented on the User's website, which triggers an email notification. Thirty-Five hundred (3500) Property records are accompanied by 155,000 records listing amenities, 88,000 photos, 288,000 records of seasonal rates, and 1.3 million records on availability. A Data Validation report helps monitor the quality and effectiveness of the website scrapes. Quotes and detailed property profiles are delivered as PDFs via email with embedded select photos. The system utilizes 16 Tables, 174 Columns, 4 Triggers, 8 Job Steps, and 4 Sproc Reports.