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Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is an important security feature in all that I do. Below are some accolades from people with whom I have done business over the years as a consultant or as an employee. I will be happy to provide personal contact information upon request from potential new clients who have signed a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Konduit created, supported, and maintained the data needs for our corporation for many, many years. The service was excellent. I highly recommend Konduit to any businesses data needs.
Tara K.
I worked with David at GE Capital Computer Leasing. David has a strong work ethic and constantly strives for improvment. He is a great team player and an asset to any company focused on growth.
Sandy B.
Dave did a great job helping to develop the information & decision support infrastructure for our start-up division with HP. He balanced the goal of achieving our long-term vision with the practical need to put some things in place immediately (and on a budget). I learned a lot about managing business data effectively while working with Dave.
Tom D.
David's expertise provided the depth of detail required in a Business Intelligence area to support THE biggest and most revenue generating client in a hosted environment. His attention to detail and forward thinking gave one of the largest financial instutiions a superior level of customer satisfaction. His skill set is invalulable and I would recommend him.
Kelly H.
In working with, along side and managing Dave over the last 7 years, I have found him to be a knowledge expert in his field, a team player and fantastic both with customers and colleagues. He always welcomes new challenges and meets them with a tenacious desire to deliver the best possible results. I would recommend him highly for any leadership position in a data stewardship or support organization.
Scott M.
David was a great partner in learning the new environment within Convergys. David worked with me to teach me the architecture of the environment and the database construct that defined the solutions we were supporting. His depth of knowledge of the system and his ability to share that information clearly in business terms in which I can understand was greatly appreciated. I enjoyed working with David and would welcome a resource of his skillset on any of my future teams.
Tonya F.
I have known David for many years and have worked with him in many capacities. At one time I even had the pleasure of being David's manager. David is an excellent manager himself as well as a very talented Database Architect and Application Developer. As a manager, he cares for and mentors his employees while achieving his departmental goals, leading his team to the completion of many large projects. He is team focused and works well with anyone across departmental boundaries. He has also demonstrated exceptional leadership working with vendors on high visibility outsourced projects. David is always a tremendous asset to the organization.
Ken P.
When we formed our company in 2000, David Rudd led our development effort on our CRM product from the drawing board to the marketplace, and all at a record-setting pace of just 45 days to release of our first product. His knowledge of database development and administration, and ASP software development was amazing, but more so was his ability to adapt and learn quickly to new technologies, and helping us create what later would be called AJAX. Over the years, we have hired his expertise again and again, and we highly recommend him.
David L.
David is an excellent resource to have on any team. He's highly skilled, driven and a joy to work with. He makes ideas into reality.
Heather L.
David was both extremely capable as well as excellent source of new ideas. I would work with him again anytime.
David is the best database architect that I have had the pleasure to work with. He is extremely detailed and thorough. His work was always superb and done ahead of schedule.
Steve S.
David was highly regarded by the entire team and very service oriented. His proposed solutions were creative and he consistently followed through on his commitments. David would be a valued member on any team requiring his expertise.
Mark L.
David engineered and consulted on all the reporting and database activities I dealt with on the IVP platform. He is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and helpful. At times our group inundated him with time-critical tasks and he has always fount the time to lend assistance.
Tom K.
I worked with David on the setup of reports/analytics for several major CVG clients. He was able to guide us thru a very complex implementation process to provide the client the reports they needed. He worked well with the clients in determining their needs; working with both the technical and business teams. He demonstrated skill with both technical expertise on databases and the business side of the project.
Tamara G.
I have worked with David for a number of years and known for a very long time that he is quite an intelligent person who is always very willing to help me. But today he once again came to my aid on a conference call where he just completely “wowed” me and several others with his knowledge and ability to explain reporting details in such simple, understandable terms. I was just so very impressed with how well he navigated this situation to leave our customer very satisfied.
Sandy L.
I worked with David over the past year and he was extremely knowledgeable about his area of responsibility. When I was new to my position he took the time to explain in laymen's terms the Reporting strategies for our customer. His interactions with the the customer I represent were always polite, courteous, and professional. David was very accommodating to the customer and their needs but always had company revenue in mind as well.
Pamela D.
I had the pleasure of working with David during the early build-out phases of the new Convergys Hosting environment. David's domain experience with relational databases and consolidated reporting, as well as his hand's on experience with Microsoft SQL Server were instrumental in our efforts.
George M.
David has managed the data stewardship for our hosted group and customers. He developed the system that is employed to report detail records for each customer's applications. His work has been outstanding and he has worked tirelessly to improve our hosted offering.
John E.
David has been my co-worker or manager for the last several years. During that time, what has struck me the most about him is his passion for data integrity and integration. His implementation of Data Transfer Standards has simplified and improved the management of data for customer and internal reporting. Those standards permit us to handle multiple file types seamlessly. He also works tirelessly to automate tasks to reduce the human error factor. I have learned much from him over the years. When I am stuck on an issue, he is gracious about talking it through with me, allowing me to come to the resolution on my own, if possible, or suggesting the resolution if necessary. He has always encouraged me to keep learning and has pointed out interesting and informative sources of new trends in our industry. He is one of the employees with whom I have the most daily contact. It is a pleasure to be able to work with him.
Beverly L.