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Spreadsheet-like Navigation

Navigating the Transaction Editor web-based data grid (Table Layout) is like using a spreadsheet. Down and Up arrow keys move from cell to cell vertically, while Tab and Shift-Tab move from cell to cell horizontally. Users can toggle between Form Layout and Table Layout.

  • DOWN Arrow Key Moves Down Cell Rows
  • UP Arrow Key Moves Up Cell Rows
  • TAB Moves Right Cell-to-Cell
  • SHIFT-TAB Moves Left Cell-to-Cell

Fully Editable Grid Control

Each cell of the grid control is directly and immediately editable. Most web forms require multiple clicks in a read-only form to open a new window before edits can be performed. You can edit multiple columns in multiple rows and copy rows to make multiple new rows before hitting the Update button for a single trip back to the server.

  • ALL CELLS Immediately Editable
  • Edit Multiple COLUMNS in Multiple ROWS
  • COPY ROWS In The Grid
  • UPDATE All Changes In Single Post

User Data Recovery

Users can recover from mistakes easily using Transaction Editor’s Change History Log. Every record’s modification is kept so that data entry errors, whether intentional or not, can be easily recovered. Even deleted records can be brought back to life, all without assistance from a data base administrator.

  • Recover from mistakes with CHANGE HISTORY LOG
  • Past Modifications Can be Researched and Restored
  • Deleted rows can be easily recovered
  • Data Recovery does not require a DBA

Saved Searches

User search filter criteria and sort order is saved so the next time you log in, it remembers where you left off. Multiple searches can be saved as User Views, which also let you arrange the selection and order of columns.

  • Save User-defined VIEWS
  • Use the View Editor to arrange columns