What is a database service?

Database as a Service (DBaaS) may sound like a service business, but really its just another specialized Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The CTO Vision article on DBaaS talks about hosting a database management system, but not hosting the application itself. Specifically, the author states “I believe that the reason for the draw is that databases, while critical to your applications, are generally a bit difficult to configure, scale and operate correctly. When presented with the opportunity to off-load that work to a provider, developers jump at the chance.” Developers seek help with databases because they were taught little in school about them and their experience becomes clouded by the many misperceptions about relational databases best described by Fabian Pascal. A good starter article is “Data Management’s Misconceptions” by Joab Jackson.

Software application development that relies on mash-ups of packaged products without professional services to clarify and organize the meaning of data is, well, meaning-LESS. Database management systems and programming languages cannot, by themselves, provide the meaning, integrity, and consistency that gives an application purpose and usefulness. Some ONE needs to be facilitating the discussion of what functionality is needed, and to clarify what the nouns and verbs used to describe a business process mean. Without this clarity of purpose, any software application development will eventually be doomed.

Konduit combines the database development and application development services needed to accelerate the iterative cycle of process adaptation to empower young businesses with a virtual “IT Department”. This service is delivered over an encrypted connection on the Internet, requires little upfront cost, no contracts, and a predictable recurring monthly fee structured to reflect the complexity of the application delivered.  But more importantly, this service includes all the database development, application development, workflow design, hosting services, data stewardship, and end-user support.

The term “database” is filled with mystery, but in reality it’s just about communication and logical organization, something every business needs in order to thrive. The more organized your business information is, the greater chance you will have to settle misunderstandings with your customers and vendors. If you can audit the history of data changes, you can identify and remedy mistakes and know who needs more training.  Database management systems provide a critical part of what is needed.  Information technology is more than hardware and software as commodities. Information technology REQUIRES PEOPLE who understand your business and can rapidly adapt your software-based processes to changes in the marketplace or operations.  To be effective, a freelance web programmer must understand how to use a database management system in the context of a business process automation application.

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  1. What I mean when I deplore education is not that it does not teach about databases, but that it does not introduce to logic, reasoning, science, critical and independent thinking.

    Education has become preparation for the labor market, not enlightenment. The impact of this failure is socially destructive and database practice is only one minor aspect effected. Those who own the country are not interested in independent critical thinkers–they are dangerous and cannot be manipulated, exploited and controlled.

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