The Downsides of Storing Files on Your Desktop

This is a pretty common practice—if you don’t do it, you probably know someone who does—but PC World says it has some definite downsides:

Most important of all, files on the desktop are not as well protected as files in libraries like My Documents and My Pictures.

For instance, if you use System Restore to return Windows to its state as of last Wednesday, the feature will remove any files added to the desktop since that date. The files in My Documents will be left untouched.
What’s more, many file-based backup programs don’t, by default, back up the desktop. You can change that, of course, somewhere in your backup program’s settings. Read the whole article at

How Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace And You Can, Too

Almost every meeting held today at Google makes use of the Hangout program to accommodate employees unable to attend, or who work in other locations.
Despite having technology that so powerfully and conveniently unites people–and that their own company created–Google’s founders and top executives have intentionally retained one old school element of leadership communication. Once a week, they make themselves available, live and in person, to Google headquarter employees (interactively beamed live to all other locations) in town hall meetings. Read more at Fast Company…

Microsoft makes its Evernote competitor OneNote free, launches it on the Mac

Konduit comments on VentureBeat‘s article published March 17, 2014

Big move from Microsoft!

Microsoft launched its OneNote app on Mac and makes it free to all. This is clearly a a direct jab at competitor Evernote. Will loyal Evernote Premium users be attracted by the free access to Microsoft’s OneNote? Continue reading “Microsoft makes its Evernote competitor OneNote free, launches it on the Mac”

The Data Brokers: Selling Your Information

Konduit comments on CBS 60 Minutes article aired on March 9, 2014 “The Data Brokers: Selling Your Personal Information

Individuals may want to share their information gathering habits so they can be targeted for the things they “Like”, but when it comes to mission-critical business data, most businesses rely on expensive information systems to manage their transactions.  

Continue reading “The Data Brokers: Selling Your Information”