Order Processing and Billing Software

I recently came across a project posted on a freelancer site looking for tight integration with QuickBooks.  The problem is that QuickBooks doesn’t allow data integration, and customization is limited to formatting the appearance of your invoice.  The older products used to use a format called IIF.  When that became public domain, QuickBooks changed their “interchange” format to QIF so that they could legally restrict its proprietary use.  That quickly devolved into another proprietary format, OFX, which was never widely adopted.  More recently, Intuit now allows importing of sales transactions using the Bank Statement interface which accepts any comma-separated (CSV) file with either three (signed) or four columns (debit/credit).   But this is not well known or documented.

QuickBooks provides basic “accounting” functions like receivables reporting, expense journaling, general ledger and financial statements.  But if your business has a complex pricing or estimating methodology, custom order processing and billing software will allow you to automate and codify your business processes without resorting to spreasheets, which is what most people start out doing.  Custom order processing and billing software allows you to print or email invoices, whose revenue transactions can later be imported into QuickBooks for financial accounting.  Importing sales transactions as Bank Statement deposits can be mapped to specific GL account types within QuickBooks by using predefined Descriptions for the transactions.

As your business becomes more successful, you can easily outgrow a  spreadhseet order processing and billing system.   This is where Konduit’s Transaction Editor Service can help you succeed.  For one affordable monthly fee we design the database, develop the application, host, train, and provide continuous support for your staff.  We help you to optimize your workflows that make your business run.

The Transaction Editor Service allows for easy changes and additions to data structures, so you don’t have to know all your needs up front.  We can start with what you do know, and as you work with the system, we refine the structures and workflows as needed.  This removes a tremendous amount of risk associated with communicating requirements of software development projects in advance.

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